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"3 Step Solutions is pure genius!"

I am a Business Coach specializing in supporting women in the Network Marketing and Direct Selling Industry, and for the last 25 years I have had to suggest that entrepreneurs put together a patchwork quilt approach to their business software needs. BUT – all of that changed the day I met 3 Step Solutions. Now I recommend that my clients choose the obvious one stop shop solution that is actually designed specifically for them and takes care of ALL their needs whether they are a seasoned top achiever or just launching their business. This software solution does it all and more. 3 Steps Solutions has created the answer every small business owner, and entrepreneur needs and can afford. What a powerful solution to support you in every stage of your business growth!

Deb Erickson, ICAN Institute, Business & Success Mindset Coach

"We could not have made a better choice!"

Building and growing a business is one of the most difficult things one can do. There are so many components to consider that when one is taken off of your plate you are thrilled to death. Not too often does this happen. Fortunately for GiftofCollege.com and our growing platform we teamed up with 3 Step Solutions for our web and information technology needs. The team have been amazing to work with but more importantly have allowed us to feel as if we have internal IT Team by providing a simple and business friendly platform. A platform that we can use and growth with well into our future. We could not have made a better choice in this crucial area for our company.

Wayne Weber, CEO, Gift of College

"3 Step Solutions has leveled the playing field!"

I'm so excited to have partnered with 3 Step Solutions! For the first time, I finally feel my team CAN replicate the best practices I've spent years refining within the context of their own businesses. In the past this was impossible as either the programs I used were not cost effective, or too difficult to use. 3 Step Solutions has leveled the playing field, and I can’t wait to incorporate everything into my own business! My new site was built and launched on their platform, and managing it has been incredibly easy for myself and my team. We have begun the process of bringing over my contacts, newsletter, and marketing campaigns! Finally! Not only will this save me $$, but the features are perfectly aligned to my day to day needs...allowing me to do my thing, and not worry about having to hire an "IT" guy! 3 Step Solutions is about to become a major player in our industry!

Hayley Hobson, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Wellness Expert & Life Coach

"Great service, communication, timely outcomes, and creativity!"

Social media is becoming so very important in not only the acquisition of patients, but moreso for us, being able to brand ourselves as "boutique" and get the word out to the community, near and far, about what separates us from the competition. With the side variety of ages and demographics that we treat, we needed to take our orthopedic practice and make sure that it appealed to everyone from the elite adolescent athlete, to the concerned parent who wants the highest level of medicine, to the adult who needs professional service and the physician that will refer over. The 3SS team understood exactly what we needed, and what our end goal was. They took our ideas and words, and put them into making not only a brand, but a vision, a place that you wanted to be. Whether with website content, color schemes to convey certain feelings, or design to stay sharp, they are on top of it all. Above and beyond the product, they are a company with integrity, which is hard to find. Each member values the outcome and realizes that not only does it serve as their marketing, but is a stepping stone for a word of mouth trend that has catapulted them to a higher level. Great service, communication, timely outcomes, and creativity that you would find in a huge firm, without the corporate feel. Thanks 3SS!

Gina Pongetti, Co-Owner Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute, PT, MPT, MA, CSCS, ART-Cert.

"Thanks 3 Step Solutions!"

3 Step Solutions is a great platform for me! I was really hoping to find an easy point and click website that would still look great AND would also have newsletters, CRM, landing pages, etc...They have it all so I don't have to spend time figuring out what I need to have.

And their customer service is amazing. I've even reached out as late as 10 pm on a weekend and gotten a response in less than 10 minutes! They have helped me with every issue I've had and I love knowing that I don't have to stay stuck if I come up against something I can't fix.

Thanks 3 Step Solutions!

Kestrel Bishop, Mindful Essentials

"Brilliant! This is exactly what I have been looking for!"

We have been entrepreneurs for over 20 years and in that time, we have paid too much for a website and received too little time and time again. Since changing our website to 3 Step Solutions we have found them to be helpful and affordable. 3 Step Solutions was created specifically for people in our industry, so we never waste time trying to explain our products and our goals. The greatest advantage of using 3 Step Solutions has been their ability to build with us, when we ask for something, they make it happen. Our "Members Only" page is one of several examples of 3 Step Solutions creating specifically for us, making them unique. We highly recommend 3 Step Solutions to any business owner who is serious about an online presence.

Jody and Lucinda Goode, Essential Oils Guru

"Professional looking website design for a fraction of the cost!"

Efficient, cost-effective, and easy to use. 3 Step Solutions has made it simple for me to bring my business online. Much easier to use and more comprehensive than Word Press. Professional looking website design for a fraction of the cost in a user friendly format. I had no previous web design knowledge yet was able to create a beautiful website just by plugging in my pictures and content. Their customer service is excellent!! 3 Step Solutions is changing the way people do business online. Simple, smart and efficient!

Rigel Smith, Blissed Mama

The 5 Keys to a
Successful Sales Plan

Listen to video


Gain Attention

As a brand or business, getting noticed means putting your strategies to use by means of practical, accessible and impactful mediums, such as social media platforms, campaign landing pages, or professional and customized websites. It's through smartphones, laptops, and mobile devices that you'll be able to better connect with potential customers while also sustaining relationships with existing ones.

By leveraging avenues like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, your brand will be creating a direct connection with people locally, nationally and globally that don't need access to a brick-and-mortar location to do business with you. This isn't about building viral content; it's about establishing a baseline for strong, consistent communication.


Tell "Your" Story

There's more to building and sustaining an audience than just putting out content; and it begins with customer relationship management (CRM). Brands need to create compelling and engaging stories, videos, pictures, and sales materials that drive people to want to know more about you, more about what you do, and more about how they can be a part of that movement.

This is your opportunity to let customers get to know who you are behind the scenes and why it is you care so much about what you do. It's where you'll begin to plant that first seed of desire, trust and excitement and nurture it with each passing day. Anyone can tell a generic story; but telling the right story turns a potential customer into a someone who remembers your name.


Building Trust

How do you turn a potential customer into a brand advocate that sings your praises? By building trust. This is your chance to create an authentic 2-way relationship that balances the needs of your customers with that of your brand. Give your content a personalized touch, share real testimonials through newsletters, and respond to what they want you to hear.

By combining these essential elements into your sales plan, you'll begin to build trust, confidence, and long-lasting support that sustains you through sales plans, ups and downs, and market changes. Fail to build trust with your target audience and the fall will be swift; succeed and you'll expand your reach further than you ever thought possible.


Ask for the Sale

Once you've established your brand/consumer relationships, told your story, and built sustainable trust, it's time to push forward with your brand goals. Through your newsletters, membership-only access pages, or personalized content, you can drive them to your e-commerce store to begin making sales.

Your marketing, advertising and sales strategies can be tailored to match the responsiveness of your target audience as well as the effectiveness of your efforts. This will further allow you to hone your business intelligence and future plans in order to maintain the trust and reliability you've established.


Follow Up

How mad would you be if someone started up a conversation with you and then just walked away mid-sentence? Annoying, right? The same concept applies to this process. Once you've created a baseline for communication and told consumers what you need, follow up with them through autoresponders or personal emails to continue to build that long-term relationship.

This additional effort helps your target audience see you more than just someone "trying to make a sale" but as someone who cares about them as an individual. By simply following up with short messages, even automatic ones, you'll better retain the relationships you've established to create more sustainable leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is included within 3 Step Solutions?

3 Step Solutions is a complete small business solution in a single platform. You get a Website, Contacts (CRM), Newsletter, Campaign Builder, Autoresponder, Membership Area, Web Store, and more! You get all of this for $99/mo! No limits or hidden fees. Click here to view the full features list.

What if I have a current website?

Great! We require that you have a website created and hosted within the 3SS platform. Don't worry - we recognize that you may love the look and feel of your site and/or don't want to start over. We have a few options if you currently have a website.
1) You can simply choose to replicate your current site yourself. If you have any HTML/CSS skills, you'd be able to do this yourself.
2) If you want us to do it for you..you can choose between a 3SS site (our look/feel options) or a custom site. After you signup, open a support ticket to get started if you want us to build it for you.

Will the site I build on 3 Step Solutions impact my current website?

No. When you first get started, you are building out a test website. Only you will be able to see it. Once you're happy with it, you can take it live, and at this point it will replace your live website.

How does pricing work?

We have 2 subscription levels "Professional" and "Unlimited".
In both cases, our pricing is simple. There is no setup fee, no commitment or contract, and there are never any usage fees.

Please go to our Pricing page to see the details of each Click here to learn more about pricing.

What's the difference between "Professional and Unlimited subscription types" and "Business Builder"?

Our Unlimited program simply provides the entire application at the $99/mo. Combined with 3SS University, our free tutorial program, you will have everything up and running in no time.

Professional is access to all the same features as Unlimited, but there are limitations on usage.

Business Builder is designed for the person just getting started. This individual doesn't need 90% of what the platform offers yet. The program walks you through a series of lessons. Each lesson is designed around best practice Business Activity and related 3SS features you need. Over the course of 9 lessons (you go as fast as you want), you will start and grow you business while being exposed the features you need along the way. You will transition to the Full Access subscription when you're ready.

How does the customer support work?
We have multiple ways to help you as needed:
Support Ticket: Ask a question, get an answer.
Knowledge Base: Searchable articles that deliver "How To" answers and videos.
3SS University: Task based program that breaks major tasks up like building out your website, creating your first newsletter, etc. into smaller, easy to accomplish tasks. Each task has a step-by-step video and walkthroughs.
3SS Business Builder: Business Builder is designed for the person just getting started. This individual doesn't need 90% of what the platform offers yet. The program walks you through a series of lessons. Each lesson is designed around best practice Business Activity and related 3SS features you need. Over the course of 9 lessons (you go as fast as you want), you will start and grow you business while being exposed the features you need along the way. You will transition to the Full Access subscription when you're ready.

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